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Re: If it's should that be another stargate series

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O'Neill or Sheppard would have held the whole gang together like pros, and Carter or McKay would have repaired the ship and searched for a way back like pros, and Jackson would have analyzed the database and searched for the bridge and other vital systems like a pro.
And Teal'c/Ronon Dex/Telya Emmagan would have kicked enemy **** like a pro.
They were all pros, I think the characters really made it. Especially the SG1 characters. Though I liked some of the Atlantis additions and am yet to see SGU.
If a new series were in the works it would have to be as strong in writing its characters, let alone plot. It was always about these crazy funny/serious people. - I for one would probably enjoy a new series if they got it right but there is a lot to go back and watch so I'm not complaining that there hasn't been another reboot yet.
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