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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

^^ Right, exactly!

^ Yeah, maybe it's just me, but with literature especially I find it shocking to say "oh there was nothing anybody remembers between Cicero and Shakespeare." That's 1500 years that we have a large number of records from!

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If you're too out of touch to find the awesome, innovative, and intelligent art, music, and drama that's being made these days then, like these seemingly endless rants about the seemingly endless devolution of humanity, it says more about you than it does about anything else.
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...yet art and science continue to progress.
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^Again, just because you personally have failed to find the great art and music of a younger generation...
In addition to the crazy assertion that scientific advance is advancing at near-exponential rates and the dubiously relevant remark about literacy, this should establish the point well enough.
Um. Two of those quotes simply say there's wonderful things today, not whether or not they're somehow "better" than the past. The third can be pretty easily explained, as Kestra did above.
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