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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

One really wonders how much of this ceremony would have been part of routine pon farr management for the average Sjoek and T'Jane, and how much was unique to

a) a member of the exalted family of Sarek (or T'Pring's no doubt equally exalted lineage)
b) an inhabitant of Shi'Kahr, a potential backwater with quaint folkways
c) a member of the strange cult that still practices telepathic bonding against modern Vulcan ways

I really doubt every family could afford such an arena. And we didn't exactly see more than one next to Shi'Kahr - is it a single-family town, if not literally, then in the old Western style of being utterly ruled by the Boss Man and his sons (or perhaps the Boss Lady and her daughters)? Is T'Pau perhaps a native of Shi'Kahr? Is she a member of Spock's family, or T'Pring's, or even both?

Quite probably, all Vulcans take their pon farr shame to as distant a location as possible. Perhaps Shi'Kahr, on the edge of the desert, is a popular site for sex tourism because nobody goes there for any other reason? And Sarek's family just runs the ancient grounds for a variety of customers.

Timo Saloniemi
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