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Well, late to the party, and I just can't make a determination about the movie (I gave it a B-). A lot of you, from the poll anyway, seemed to really like it. I can't decide, maybe I will have a better take after my second viewing. Plenty of action, decent humor. Fairly interesting story. I had guessed right about Cumberbatch's identity. As others have mentioned, the whiter than white 'batch playing (SPOILER ALERT)

Kahn took me back a little, but it is a movie after all. I just was hoping for a little more substance. The question is, with studios demanding the big payday from franchises like Trek, will we ever see a truly substantive Trek film.

Anyway, as I mentioned, a lot of you seemed to really like this movie. Would you point out to me what you saw as making it so enjoyable to you? Maybe you could help sway me from thinking it was mediocore to seeing something about it that I missed. Thanks.
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