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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

DalekJim wrote: View Post
I disagree it is "simple fact" that most couples are interracial.
And if I had said what you think I said, then maybe you'd have a point, the thing is, I didn't say what you thought and thus, you don't have a point. Just a recap, what I wrote was this:

Dimesdan wrote: View Post
The BBC had a thread of programmes about this a year or so ago, the reason was because The United Kingdom has the highest percentage or has one of the highest percentages of inter-racial couples in the World.

So in the case of RTD, it wasn't being shoehorned it nor was it pandering to the PC brigade, it was simple fact and he was acknowledging this.
Of course, not all relationships are inter-racial, but due to the way the Empire fucked so many people over around the globe and because of the *brilliant way we let anyone from our former colonies to come and stay, we do have a very high-percentage of them which is one of only a few things that make me proud of this wee nation.

Also, given that RTD based most of his contemporary stories in modern day London, which is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the World, the odds of a inter-racial couple being involved is pretty high. Where as if it's based in rural Gloucestershire or here in Somerset, the odds are there won't be because it doesn't have the ethnic diversity.

As for Doctor Who being racist, what a load of bollocks.

*In no way is this a sarcastic comment.
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