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Re: Do you think they could use the Borg in the next movie?

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If you had asked me weeks ago I'd have said no to Klingons in the next movie, but after the set up in STID, I say HELL YES...and not the Klingons from STVI, the prissy Shakespearean ones who apparently only own and operate two starships on the eve of war. I'm talking epic, nasty scary Klingons with a fleet. Maybe an Errand of Mercy gone wrong...Kirk evacuating/warning planets in front of the Klingon tide.
Yeah, I'd love to see a heated fleet vs fleet exchange. With KLINGONS, yes. After the "big" Narada and the "big" Vengence I'd be impressed to see a large scale battle for a change instead of a hulking behemoth. Especially since now CGI and not real ship models are being used it is a uniquely ideal time to do it!

As for the Borg question of the title, I haven't read the whole thread, but couldn't it be argued that Borg elements are already in both films? The Narada was equipped with Borg weapons and the Klingons reverse-engineered them from the 3 years that Nero and his crew were captive. Isn't all that canon but offscreen from books/comics, etc?

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Jesus, no. There's no point in rebooting a franchise so you can rehash the same old crap again and again. And the Borg have been done to death. First Contact. Voyager. Even Enterprise had the Borg show up. Tired of the freaking Borg being the default go-to 'bad guy'.

In fact, they shouldn't rehash anything from prior works again. Khan was bad enough. You have a new, clean slate to work with. Why not make original stories for once?
I'm inclined to agree with you in general, however this incarnation of the Trek franchise seems to be a smattering of "what if" scenarios and I think a major part of enjoying these films is accepting that. Maybe they'll go with the unknown next time around but I doubt it. I don't think we'll see anything generally brand new until Trek is on the small screen again. Strange news worlds, they say? New life and new civilizations, they say? Well sure, but only for the first 5 minutes.

Rehashing = What If Scenarios. Paramount's theory of profit. We'll see Q riding a Borg cube into Cestus 3 so Kirk can fight some Gorn with styrofoam rocks. Then after picking up some Tribbles from Deep Space 9 (time travel) they'll end up stuck in the delta Quadrant thanks to The Caretaker.
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