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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

Christopher wrote: View Post
^But what you've quoted there is exactly what I was saying -- that the word used at that point was "renewal" instead of rejuvenation as Allyn (who is not a she) claimed. So I don't know why you think you're arguing against me when you're actually supporting the point I made -- and the point I backed up by providing direct links to actual transcripts of the episode dialogue.
Again, Christopher, you are arguing with my summary, not with the essay. Just so we're clear.

From the book, the three paragraphs that precede what I previously quoted, since we're clearly throwing Fair Use to the four winds...

We tend to forget, now, how the Hartnell/Troughton change was pitched to the original audience. In part four of "The Tenth Planet" and part one of "Power of the Daleks", there's no suggestion that it's normal for the Doctor to change his whole persona whenever he's injured. The word used in the script is renewal, and even that comes from an incredulous comment made by Ben, to which the apparent newcomer responds with another question. The Doctor isn't giving anything away at this stage, and his claim that the change is 'part of the TARDIS' hints that this isn't just some kind of biological super-power.

The implication, weird as it seems now, is clear: Patrick Troughton's Doctor is supposed to be an extension of William Hartnell's. Perhaps not simply a younger version, but at the very least they're aspects of the same identity, the Second Doctor drawing a parallel with a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

And there is a kind of logic there. At heart the First Doctor is just as mischevious as the Second, but too old, tired, and impatient to extol the virtues of anarchy in the way the Troughton version does (the original idea, according to then-script-editor Gerry Davis, was a "Jekyll and Hyde" transition). They're the same individual to a far greater extent than the Third and Fourth Doctors are, or the Fourth and Fifth, of the Fifth and Sixth, or the Sixth and Seventh. It should be remembered that Doctor Who Monthly -- the only half-reliable source of Doctor Who information, until the mid-80s boom in programme guides -- believed as late as 1982 that the First and Second Doctors were supposed to be the same man. A "Matrix Data Bank" column from that year informs its readers that they shouldn't confuse "regenerations" (e.g. Pertwee into Baker) with the "rejuvenation" of Hartnell into Troughton.
That was why I used "rejuvenation" instead of "renewal" pages back. It was a deliberate choice, not an error.
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