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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

Anyway, what bugged me about "Earthshock" was how marginalized Nyssa was, just choosing to stay behind in the TARDIS for no good reason. The occasional scenes where they cut back to her and the scientist for a couple of lines before going back to the rest of the cast seemed totally pointless except as a way to remind us that Nyssa existed.

But then, they said in the preceding special that the reason for killing off Adric was their recognition that they had too many companions to serve them all well. I guess Nyssa's treatment here proves that point.

Still, why did the Cybermen insist that Adric stay behind on the freighter anyway? That was pretty arbitrary.

And then they said in the special what a big surprise it was that the Cybermen were involved in the story, so I was expecting more mystery before their reveal, like maybe showing us shadowy figures ordering the robots around before finally unveiling the real threat. Instead they just casually cut to the Cybermen and there was no big drama about the reveal at all.
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