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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

Christopher wrote: View Post
Whoever those guys are, they need to do better research. The word actually used in "The Power of the Daleks" was "renewal," not "rejuvenation."
Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
You should argue with the essay, not my summary of it. Miles and Wood address every objection you've made.
Christopher wrote: View Post
And however famous they may be, the fact remains that their claim about what was stated in "The Power of the Daleks" (or Allyn's secondhand description of it) was inaccurate. I did provide my sources and evidence for the points I was actually making.
That's exactly what she (it is, she? right?) meant by "not my summary of it." Since she quoted from the first edition About Time 3, I'll do from the second (as she said, I don't think the article's changed that much from edition to edition):

About Time 3 wrote:
In episode four of 4.2, "The Tenth Planet," and episode one of 4.3, "The Power of the Daleks," there's been no suggestion that it's normal for the Doctor to change his whole persona whenever he is injured. The word used in the script is renewal and even that comes from an incredulous comment made by Ben, to which the apparent newcomer responds with another question.
Power of the Daleks, via Christopher's own link wrote:
POLLY: Then you did change!
DOCTOR: Life depends on change and renewal.
BEN: Oh, so that's it. You've been renewed, have you?
DOCTOR: I've been renewed, have I? That's it. I've been renewed. It's part of the Tardis. Without it, I couldn't survive. Come here.
In short, yeah, in the future, make sure you actually, y'know, read what someone actually wrote as opposed to hearing from secondhand sources on the Internet before you accuse someone of being inaccurate and doing bad research.
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