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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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The Dark Ages were never a term for the Middle Ages. They were applied in western Europe to roughly 500 to 900 CE.
No but it is a term for early medieval, which although Latin for Middle Ages, is more of a catch-all. At least the medieval historians I know include Dark Ages in their area of study.
I didn't know mediaevalist today study Visigothic Spain etc. As that is, no regular person means "early mediaeval" when they are talking "Middle Ages." That's why the term High Middle Ages is current when talking more popularly.
I'm pretty sure they've been studying that period for a while, actually.
Yes, the Middle Ages usually get divided into early, high and late. Some important stuff happened in the period you claim no regular person thinks of as medieval, e.g. the reign of Charlemagne. It was part of our school curriculum regarding medieval history. So, I hope regular people would also think of this period as part of the Middle Ages.
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