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Re: ALT: Star Trek Into Darkness by A. D. Foster Review Thread (Spoile

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Just posted my review. My analysis kind of devolves into a discussion of novelizations in general rather than this one in particular, just so you're forewarned!
From your review:
Because the vast majority of readers will have seen the film, Foster doesn't spend a great deal of time on descriptive prose, instead launching the reader into the action and presenting the story in a fast-paced manner. After all, we've already seen the sets, characters, and action sequences; why waste time describing every minute detail over again?
It's more likely that Foster just didn't know what things would look like, just what was described in the script. Maybe he could've gotten some reference photos for certain things upon request, but given how secretive Bad Robot is about its movies, a lot might have been off-limits.

I always start with the script. Also, in the case of this one and the previous films, I was fortunate enough to be able to see the film as it was being made and edited. That, of course, is an enormous help, which Id almost never previously had when doing novelizations. I was very grateful for that. I had a long chat with Bob in his office at Universal. I expressed some thoughts and he came back (with his thoughts). It was a very unusual project. Usually, the people making the film have either very little interest in the book version or the interest they have is solely critical. And, in this case, there was considerably more back and forth than you usually get, which I think results in a better book.
The above is from's interview with Alan Dean Foster, found here.
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