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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

While I do greatly appreciate the funny responses my question received (seriously, ), I am still actually curious to know what objective evidence there is for our supposed current cultural downfall/lull/dark age. Because thus far all the people claiming it have managed to prove is their own bias and ignorance about art, music, and movies, both current and past, their apparent complete isolation from the near-exponential rate of scientific advancement, and seeming utter failure to notice the fact that we are living in the most literate time there has ever been.

"I don't like hiphop!" Is not objective evidence. Again, if you have failed to recognize that hip-hop and rap are huge genres with a huge amount of artists of varying styles, content, and quality, then that speaks volumes about you, not about the music. And the above argument about Hollywood shows only that you guys are completely clueless about the history of film. There have always been dozens of crap films for every good one, and Hollywood thrived on remakes from the start! Hell, The Wizard of Oz was a remake -- and I am talking about the 1939 version. It had been made something like 10 times before the famous 39 turn at the story. The Maltese Falcon, 1940-ish? Remake. Scarface? Remake.

So please, have you any objective (and accurate) evidence for your claims?

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