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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

Malaika, I hear you and thank you so much for stating that they do hold hands not once but twice as I did not see either. I saw the movie in 2D..we don't have an IMAX near me. I am actually going back today to see it with a friend in 3D so maybe I will see more this time around.
Also, thanks to your response I will endeavor to see the kiss/sealed helmet scene differently and I will endeavor to see Spock's confusion as not you're my student and I'm your professor this is highly inappropriate, but as rather him wondering why the heck he missed out on another kiss as she waited to seal his stupid helmet first. I need to look for his head tilt.
Ummm, where are these Comics???? I need them NOW! I did see that the STID book by Alan Dean Foster is coming out (or has come out) so I will get that and as with FanFic there is always more with the written word and I really shouldn't have expected as much on screen---my disappointment is lifting...
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