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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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I need a frikkin' recap. Of this, Teen Wolf, Haven, etc.

Loving Orphan Black!!
Season 1: The Aliens invade before episode 1 begins. A ragtag fleet... er... group of Bostonians trek south to get away from the Aliens. During the season we learn the Aliens kidnap pre pubescent and young teen children and convert these into their slaves via a parasitic control device connected to their spine. At the end of Season 1, Noah Mason is captured by the aliens.

Season 2: Noah Mason is released by the Aliens and returns to the ragtag convoy. The Aliens monitor and spy on the progress of their trek south. The group finally reaches safe haven in Charleston, SC. All is not so safe in this safe haven. The ragtag convoy refuses to blend in with the complacent survivors in Charleston. A bunch of fighting happens. Season 2 ends with the reveal that a new group of Aliens have also arrived on Earth.

Apparently the Aliens from group 1 (the initial invaders) and the Aliens from group 2 (the new arrivals) are at war with each other and Earth is caught in the crossfire.
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