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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

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By the way, it's amazing how differently everyone has aged. Tobias is a little chubbier, Lindsay is a little thinner (she also looked different somehow, but I can't quite figure out why), Maeby and George Michael look much older (obviously), Gob has a few more wrinkles, and Buster and Michael appear to not have aged a day. Steve Holt looks completely different!
I don't know, I think Lindsay has had some work done, possibly a nose job (ironic given they make so many jokes about it on the show). I didn't even recognise her as the same person at first. Think a lot of Steve Holt's change was make up.
Yeah, maybe that was it, regarding Lindsay. I also felt like Portia was acting differently, it almost didn't feel like the same character to me. As a result I found it difficult to get into the Lindsay episodes. I think what I didn't like about the Tobias episodes was the DeBrie character. She really annoyed me and I felt the character was unnecessary. I also felt they spent too much time on the Fantastic Four play, which I didn't find a very funny joke.
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