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Re: RLM - Half in the Bag does STID [SPOILERS]

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I usually like RLM, but this one was like a cliche of every bs criticism of AbramsTrek:

as for the "dumb script/story" stuff, I liked how the one guy pointed out that Khan in TWOK WASN'T all that smart(kept falling for obvious tricks)
Why do you 'like' hearing criticism of old Trek but dismiss criticism of nu-Trek as BS?

I don't "like" hearing criticism of old Trek(I quite like TOS and the movie series), but I don't like blatant double standards and unfairness in reviews. I also tend to roll my eyes at the now cliched "Star Trek used to be so cerebral and look what Abrams did to it!" TWOK and FC were both very much straight-forward action sci-fi movies, just like the last two movies from Abrams have been.
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