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Re: Missing McCoy (major spoiler)

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I don't feel Spock had to be "pulled back from the brink", just stunned, along with Khan, by a person more qualified in fighting than Uhura. Dramatically, this would be -I admit- not very satisfying, but sending Uhura down -alone- to intervene in a fight on top of a Coruscant aerial barge where a "Superman" is possibly in the process of killing Spock is not a good idea. But this is nitpicking. I know why the needs of the Drama outweigh the needs of the Logic!

... And I do understand why Kirk & Uhura are closer in this Universe. I misspoke in that I don't like the familiarity. I dislike it when Uhura is acting more a petulant teenager while she is on the job, rather than a trained professional.

I will acknowledge, however, that my suggestions would sap the drama out of these scenes! As I said before, I can nitpick but still like the movie and still defend (overall) what is happening in this new Universe!
Stunning Khan doesn't actually *work*, since, you know, it took Uhura about 10 times just to phase him enough that Spock could FINISH HIM! Mortal Kombat jokes aside, if someone stuns Spock, you've let Khan get away. Uhura was fine going down there, she was probably the only one that could get through to Spock at the moment anyway.

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