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Re: Missing McCoy (major spoiler)

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Uhura running behind Spock, however, simply because she "is his girlfriend" is where I have a problem. Uhura is a bridge officer and she has a job to do, and that job is not running along behind her "boyfriend" every time he makes a move. Uhura running along after Spock in this instance is too far, at least for me.

RE:2. As I said before, I am glad Uhura has an expanded role and her personality is fleshed out more. What I don't care for is her sulking and her petulant behavior on the job. It is 'cute' onscreen and definitely makes the target audience smile, but is not appropriate behavior in the work environment, especially within a quasi-military organization. I guess this is why fraternization is frowned upon in our military, and in our workplaces.
Personally, I don't feel Uhura was in that scene because she was running behind her boyfriend at all, well literally she did run behind him after Scotty requested him to urgently come, but she wanted to know what was so urgent that made Spock take off at a run and I think she wanted to offer her assistance. Now, I don't really know what kind of assistance she was thinking of but we had just seen her stab a Klingon in the leg after he had her by the throat. I think whatever assistance she could have offered would have been needed and appreciated.

Uhura is not "just" a bridge officer at this point---not in her mind or in any of the other officers/crew minds. They see her transporting on away missions and see her close interaction with not only Spock but Kirk/Scotty/Sulu/Bones...she's a leader. It's not surprising that she would take off to run to help just as Spock her commanding officer who happens to also be her boyfriend was running to help in whatever situation he was being called too.

Fraternization is frowned upon and yet it happens all the time. The Fraternization between Spock and Uhura happened a long time ago and he as the senior officer should have been punished but he wasn't and so they are now aboard the Enterprise working together professionally and if Kirk, their Captain, can deal with can I.

I'm an Uhura fan and even if she went running after her "boyfriend" I don't think anyone could think she was running after him to get free cuddles. She's an Officer and a professional and a caring human being (fictional character ) who won't shy away from putting herself in harm's way if it means she can help someone in the process.
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