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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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I'm not exactly sure what other resources he should have used to do higher fidelity work.
Watch the daily reruns on TV and note some observations perhaps?

Sure. Quit his job so he can be home at 4:00 to watch Star Trek everyday in reruns in San Diego--and be ready at a moment's notice to scribble some notes about something "important" without missing something else that's "important" while you're writing, and without going back to be able to see if you got it right. Also, this has to be done with no real knowledge of what might be in each episode that would be important. It's not like he was able to say "Ah! 'I, Mudd.' I better get ready to write. I can get lots of details about Auxiliary Control *and* Emergency Manual Monitor." And if you miss a detail, well, you can wait: the episode will come back around in sixteen weeks.
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