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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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I stopped following popular music when hip hop artists started getting praised for their "riffs." It's really just a clever name for stealing someone else's music and throwing your lyrics on top of it. Far as the lyrics go...well let's just say I've read more creative stuff from high school amatuers. I just don't find anything inspiring with topics like smacking bitches, drinking gin and juice, and hating police.

Movies are getting just as bad. Now writers aren't even bothering with trying to create new material. They just take an old movie, rewrite it and release it again as something new. There are a few creative types out there , but they are few and far between.
I'd qualify that slightly.
Hiphop has always been a derivative copy&paste form of music, it started off with sampling mainly funk and jazz (hiphop thus illustrates stj's point that the variety of pop music, or here more particularly Black music, has been in decline since the sixties). While I share your disgust in sexist and violence-propagating commercial hiphop there is still plenty of real hiphop with intelligent lyrics.

Same with movies. Of course you are totally right about the remake-mania of Hollywood but in spite of that Hollywood still produces a few watchable movies per year, not to mention that cinema doesn't start and end with Hollywod. Cinema exists worldwide and there are ample of art and indie movies you can watch, not to mention plenty of gems from the past.
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