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There aren't enough Trek fans in North America to open a movie at better than about a twenty million dollar weekend. Most folks who saw it last week weren't trekkies
We saw it at an 11:50 matinee. Just as Spock asks Carol Marcus "what are you doing here?" the power for the entire theater cut out. In the while-the-time-away discussions, I heard a younger-than-me group talking about the various Trek tv shows. Most memorable line overheard? "I can't watch the original show - it's too cheesy." (Second most memorable? An older guy telling his female companion "See, they have Section 31 and so do we!")

My husband and I are not the target demographic for this series now - it's the guy who doesn't think he'd watch TOS due to it's cheese quotient.

(After about 15 minutes of waiting, the entire multiplex was herded out and given passes. We drove to Waukesha and it took us until 4 p.m. to finish, but we did manage to see the whole movie.)
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