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Re: Sci-Fi or Action?

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Except for maybe some 50s B-movies, I can't really think of anything that is pure science fiction.
So, 2001: A Space Odyssey is not pure science fiction? Ditto, Logan's Run? Star Trek: The Motion Picture? The Andromeda Strain? Just to pick some obvious examples outside the 1950's, that is.

Let's not forget Planet of the Apes - the entire original film series - may have been heavy on sociopolitical drama, but the majority of the framework, and means to move the story were filled with strong sci-fi hallmarks. Then, there's Westworld, Silent Running, Fantastic Voyage..the list goes on and on.

There's no way to toss all older productions into the same very light sci-fi of nuTrek, which set out to be more Michael Bay Meets Star Wars, which just so happened to have Trek-ian visual trappings, than a genuine production honoring the legacy of the source (which does not mean copy+paste, before anyone posts that).
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