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Re: Missing McCoy (major spoiler)

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If the ship's captain is dying in the aftermath of a battle, maybe the Chief Medical Officer should be there, not the head communications officer who should be getting communications back up and running.
When were communications ever down that they needed to be gotten back up again?

The CMO had a lot of casualties to deal with from the beating the Enterprise took.

I also suspect that Sulu would be a better fighter to beam down to save Spock and apprehend Khan... BUT Uhura IS Spock's girlfriend, after all....!
Yes, and that's precisely why it had to be her. Spock was in a rage and he needed someone whom he loved to pull him back from the brink before he killed Khan, just like he needed Sarek to pull him back in the first film when he was attacking Kirk.

I am not so happy with the familiarity that goes on between Uhura and Kirk...
They've known each other since before the Academy, she's obviously become better friends with Kirk over the past year (as has Spock and Kirk), and he was just demoted for his actions stemming from saving her boyfriend's life. They've got good reason to have more familiar banter.
With reflection, I will agree that McCoy would more logically be needed in Sick Bay. To have him run down to Engineering would only serve to amp up the drama in the scene... which is why the writers had Uhura run down there when she should realistically remain at her post, given the situation (even if communications had been restored).

I don't feel Spock had to be "pulled back from the brink", just stunned, along with Khan, by a person more qualified in fighting than Uhura. Dramatically, this would be -I admit- not very satisfying, but sending Uhura down -alone- to intervene in a fight on top of a Coruscant aerial barge where a "Superman" is possibly in the process of killing Spock is not a good idea. But this is nitpicking. I know why the needs of the Drama outweigh the needs of the Logic!

... And I do understand why Kirk & Uhura are closer in this Universe. I misspoke in that I don't like the familiarity. I dislike it when Uhura is acting more a petulant teenager while she is on the job, rather than a trained professional.

I will acknowledge, however, that my suggestions would sap the drama out of these scenes! As I said before, I can nitpick but still like the movie and still defend (overall) what is happening in this new Universe!
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