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Re: Missing McCoy (major spoiler)

Maurice wrote: View Post
...I have to ask what the heck Tora Tora Tora has to do with anything here?

As to Sulu, uh, he says he studied fencing. He's not a "thew trained fighter". Plus, Vulcans are stronger than humans, so Spock was the logical choice...well not as logical as sending a whole mess of security, obviously.
I meant to imply that a Star Trek movie is probably not the place to go to see battle scenes and post-battle scenes portrayed realistically. Something like "Tora! Tora! Tora!" (or better yet, "Saving Private Ryan") would be the place to go.

You also misunderstood me. I agree with you that Spock was the person to go to apprehend Khan. Uhura, however, was NOT the person to be sent down afterwards as backup for Spock. In retrospect, I see that I might agree with you about not sending Sulu, either. But surely someone in Security would have been a better choice than Uhura.
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