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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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There was an acknowledgement during the 1970s of the production's shortcomings - that sets were made to fit exteriors they couldn't fit within, or that sets were constantly being redressed to fulfill multiple purposes, etc - and rather than take that literally and feel bound to make a square fit within a circle, Franz Joseph took it as license to show us unseen spaces that were what he believed had actually been intended.
The only TOS set I'm aware of where the interiors wouldn't fit into the exterior is the shuttlecraft and some of the redressing work Matt Jefferies accomplished is rather impressive because it went by unnoticed (e.g. laboratory).

However, I'm unable to see where Franz Joseph exceeded the quality of the original production. In his engineering hull there is - again - plenty of space devoted to gyms and dance floors, elements he equally recycled from the saucer.

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How we can sit in our lofty, internet-informed perch and castigate a figure with such contemporary and personal access for daring to portray unseen intent instead of only what had been seen on TV is, in my view, assuming too much.
Who castigates Franz Joseph? The question was how much, if any of his materials, should be incorporated into an upgrade of the TM.

According to the "unseen intent" available through The Making of Star Trek there were only 12 ships like the Enterprise and he ignored this by coming up with several dozens more. With only 12 ships like the Enterprise (an analogy to the US Navy aircraft carriers of the 1960's) it wouldn't sound like an inside joke, that the Enterprise is the only vessel within interception range, it's a connotation because of FJ's alteration of what had been actually intended.

And there is this noteworthy anecdote, in FJ's own words, that Gene Roddenberry's major criticism of his work was the militaristic overtone he added to the Star Trek Universe.

Apparently, such items would need to be fixed, too, if we were serious about honoring the original intentions of the creators and producers.

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