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Sulu isn't a Japanese name, for the record. There is no "l" in Japanese (many Japanese can't even pronounce it), but "Hikaru" is (it means "light").
Actually, there is no "r" either. Itīs actually a sound that could be described as "between l and r" (if you look at the tounge position), when beeing transcribed into our writing system it can be written as "l" OR "r". To our western ears it sounds like "l" or "r" or it can even seem to alternate between both.
It's between an r, l and d sound in my opinion. And it's always Romanized as an 'r'. My Japanese teacher who spoke English well struggled to pronounce the word auxiliary. Doesn't change the fact that Sulu isn't a Japanese name. "Suru" is the most important verb in Japanese, though (as well as several other verbs).

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