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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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At this point, we’ll probably never know for sure whether FJ knew of its existence [Auxiliary Control Room] or not?
What's the point in knowing? Either he didn't know of its existence or he decided to ignore it.
I'm inclined to cut Franz Joseph Schnaubelt a large deal of slack. He used the resource of TMOST and he had access to a whole slew of film clips. Beyond that, the old Star Trek Fotonovel series was still years away (and with regard to Auxiliary Control in particular, it didn't appear in any of the twelve books in that series anyway). I'm not exactly sure what other resources he should have used to do higher fidelity work. Perhaps instead of carefully analyzing minute film clips, he should have just zipped over to Best Buy and bought the three seasons of Star Trek on Blu-Ray disc so he could do even more accurate work.
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