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Re: Missing McCoy (major spoiler)

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1. What could McCoy do, seriously? Watch Kirk die while other people needed his help? What if Kirk had asked for Spock specifically? And Uhura is Spock's girlfriend and she just saw him running because something had happened- it's a natural reaction.

2. Uhura has a personality this time around.

3. Sulu needed to man the bridge as acting Captain.
RE:1. As I said in my previous post (and agreeing with part of what you said in your previous post), McCoy's skills were, admittedly, realistically needed most in Sick Bay. Uhura running behind Spock, however, simply because she "is his girlfriend" is where I have a problem. Uhura is a bridge officer and she has a job to do, and that job is not running along behind her "boyfriend" every time he makes a move. Uhura running along after Spock in this instance is too far, at least for me.

RE:2. As I said before, I am glad Uhura has an expanded role and her personality is fleshed out more. What I don't care for is her sulking and her petulant behavior on the job. It is 'cute' onscreen and definitely makes the target audience smile, but is not appropriate behavior in the work environment, especially within a quasi-military organization. I guess this is why fraternization is frowned upon in our military, and in our workplaces.

RE:2. Good point about Sulu! However, I am positive that some red shirt security officer (or two) would be better suited to beam down and grab Khan.

As I have said before, I have enjoyed Trek in all its incarnations and I am also really enjoying J.J.'s movies AND psyched that they are having success with a wider audience. But one thing that causes me a little heartburn is the Spock/Uhura thing being taken too far (perhaps) into the realm of the CW network programming. (To see a humorous presentation of this 'trend', please refer to the clip of the scene with a possible "younger and edgier" SG-1 cast seen in the Stargate SG-1 episode, "200"!)

But-- I should just repeat to myself "It's just a movie, I should really just relax..."
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