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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

There's an extraordinary amount of vicious nonsense in this thread. It would take an awful amount of effort to comment on it all and highlight the best rebuttals. But, fortunately, the fundamental problem is encapsulated in the OP.

ZapBrannigan wrote: View Post
A single government for the Earth would have so many citizens that it simply could not be responsive to them.
How many is too many? The US is already too large according to political conservatives. There is no intellectual content in this objection. This is merely a covertly disguised attack on the concept of representative democracy.

We'd be ruled by distant elites who would not necessarily share our values and priorities (much like the European Union today, in the eyes of many of its people).
I wish this had no intellectual content. Unfortunately, what it is saying is that, instead of respected leaders honestly carrying out democratically formulated policies, what is wanted is people like the OP, whose selection validates his personal prejudices. You can run down the wide and extensive list of prejudices aka "values" that might be offended by the existence of "elites" on your own.

And those elites wouldn't need to be responsive. A government with six billion constituents would not have to answer to any of them. Assuming you even had an elected representative in the legislature, he would either be powerless because the legislature is so large, or he would have so many constituents that you would mean nothing to him.
And this means that the OP doesn't want the human majority to rule over his (likely enough imaginary) local plurality.

I think the OP imagines that the US is going to exercise de facto rule over the world and merely detests the notion of the lesser forms of humanity having any rights. The US and its capitalist system are far too backward and has failed too grossly to rule in the fashion that such utopian dreamers as the OP hope. Yet, the prospect of endless war brush wars is insane, because they cannot be endlessly contained. There is in this time more chance of nuclear war. My estimate is that it is virtually certain in the long run. Unlike the Cold War, when there was at least one sane party to help maintain stability, today men ruled by delusions possess the power to damage the material prerequisites for human civilization itself.

A disunited Earth, so that war and poverty can preserve the privileges of a few? No thanks!
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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