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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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I find it odd in myself and others that fans become "armchair bean-counters" for multi-billion dollar conglomerates who will churn out hundreds of films a year, in which quality of storytelling is not the most important aspect of the film business. Nor do I feel crestfallen if a film that I enjoy is considered by some "a flop". What does matter to me is my friends, family and peers: I enjoy sharing movies, TV and music I enjoy with people. And of course, groups of like minded "internet pals" who I may not actually know, but can see they have the same passion and can articulate what they like and dislike about. Factions and camps of "pro" this or "anti" that degrade into name calling and insults can induce a chuckle maybe, but tire quickly. Marvel vs DC! Trek vs Wars! Pepsi vs Coke! Chevy vs Ford! Liberal vs Conservative! Meh... it gets old.
That is a good snapshot of this thread--or board when the new Trek series is a topic; some of this series' fans run from thread to thread, barking & attacking others for no other reason than others not seeing the value of this latest production.

Some act like hair-trigger stockholders trying to sway public opinion because they have fortunes invested in this.

I wonder if some have friends working for BR; I ask, because the defensive position held by some are so off the rails, that you can almost feel some posts laced with the kind of anger of someone personally involved. In the interest of full disclousure, I have a few friends at Paramount--some who worked on the Berman ST series, but they have no problem accepting personal observations or criticism. Over the long years, they never jumped into protection mode when hearing anything other than praise for the various series.

Their lives moved on no matter what friends (or co-workers) said.

The point here is that going overboard in defense of nuTrek--almost trying to will the film to be successful reads as some sort of fight against any form of criticism from within the base.

In some cases, the fight is certainly against old ST--particularly the original series. Kind of senseless, as there would be no nuTrek without it, but some "nuTrekkers" seem to despise the accepted belief that more than any ST produced since, none matched the influence or sustained cultural impact of the original series.

Kind of reminds me of the Star Wars prequels fans railing against the original trilogy.

I think that's why I can enjoy the Red Letter Media review for STiD but still disagree; they bring something to the table. Nothing that hasn't already been brought by the fine posters here though.
Red Letter correct about so many films. Love it.
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