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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

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In the ST universe, somebody is deciding for the whole Earth how to produce and allocate resourses ...
Except of course the ST universe makes no such assertion. Resources can be allocate by other means, for example by way of trade and commerce. Central government planning has never been a valid method of determining what needs to be produced.

However, a limited world government could be of use in say trade matters, instead of be in overall control, the world government would orchestrate and facilitate trade matters.

Not only on Earth but also with incoming and outgoing interstellar trade as well. The world government could provide customs services

... how much to tax from each part of the Earth for central use ...
Which can be accomplished through sovereign nations paying into an established international fund to finance a world government, and not through any form of direct taxation.

The ability of the Earth's many sovereign nations to control the purse strings of the (hopefully) limited world government will be one of the ways to ensure that it remains within it's internationally agreed upon bounds. A governing body with a short list of duties and responsibilities.

World government doesn't have to automatically mean "all controlling."

... how much of our resources (whether money or physical goods) shall be given to the United Federation of Planets (for building Starfleet, etc).
This likely would be one of the world government small list of responsibilities.

The representative (or team) that Earth sends to the Federation Council would go through the world government.

The world government could provide Earth-interstellar customs services and inspections.

Provide a Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) like organization.

Co-ordinate Earth's off world activities, things like colonies, also ongoing relationships with former colonies. In the TNG episode Justice, there was a newly established Earth colony.

Ambassadors directly with other Federation Members (we've seen this). And direct diplomatic relationships with political entities outside the Federation (we've also seen this).

Offworld there will be a need for something like the US Marshalls.

There will also be a need for something like the US Coast Guard in space, while it's possible that Starfleet could do this, it might make sense for it to be locally managed. If Earth maintains a "Home Fleet" defense force, it would be managed through the world government.


There must be a final authority that imposes its will on the various parts of the Earth ...
Hopefully this will never happen. The future should hold more freedoms, not less. Who wants a future with a population of billions of peons?

... and also a UFP authority that imposes its will upon the Earth and other planets.
If the Council ever attempted this (impose it's will) the people of the Federation should immediately remove all of their representatives on the Council, these persons could then be sent to various penal colonies.

The Federation should serve the needs it's Members, not the other way around.

I'm afraid your "No centralized power" concept would mean no United Earth and no UFP.
That isn't necessarily true. It would depend on what the people of Earth (for United Earth) and the people of the Federation as a whole (for the UFP) want these organization to do, and be capable of doing.

They're deciding who is allowed to colonize desirable uninhabited planets, the ones with good air, water, and soil that are not too far away.
In cases of Starfleet locating new colony worlds, the Council would determine "who gets it."

Somebody is deciding what constitutes grounds for war with the Romulans, and what should be tolerated as the price of peace.
Providing for the common defense would be one of the prime reasons the Federation was brought into existence in the first place, and why new Members would wish to join. A united front in other interstellar matter too.

There would be things that the Members would not require the Federation to provide for them. Example, planets and cultures that obtain membership with the Federation are highly advanced, warp capable societies, they probably already have their own school systems. So there would be no need for a "Federation Bureau of Education."

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