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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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But it's not justifiable from a function point of view. Making something "bigger" because of a threat is nonsense. An adversary won't be intimidated by the size of a weapon, but rather by its effect (see: nuclear bomb delivered by one plane, vs firebombing via squadron -- which caused the Japanese emperor to surrender?).
I've asked you this before, and you didn't answer. I'm gonna try again.

If making ships bigger makes no sense, why does Starfleet operate the SMALL (Nova), MEDIUM (Intrepid) and LARGE (Sovereign) class ships, all of the same basic shape and all with the same abilities? Can you tell me one thing the Sovereign class Enterprise-E can do that the much smaller Voyager cannot?

And remember, in-universe ships got SMALLER between the Kelvin era and the TOS one. They didn't in the AU.

The ships in the Abramsverse are big for ONLY ONE reason: they wanted the shuttle bay to look like it could land 1000 troops at once. For some reason, the transporter is no longer the favored method of getting from land to ship.

So, one is free to "justify" why the ships are big all they want. But in the end, it came down to one person saying "Hey, wouldn't it be fucking cool if there were, like, 20 -- no, 30 fucking shuttles parked at once?!!!" (homage to the Lindelof interview posted elsewhere).
Wait, being able to carry shuttlecraft ISN'T a justifyable reason? It sure seems like one to me. I imagine it plays a big role is determining the size of aircraft carriers today.

Besides, you're still saying this like there's some meaningful reason the old Enterprise was the size that it was. Could you please enlighten me? It there any good reason why 300m is THE starship size?
No, we're fan-wanking up reasons for why the ships are big, based on the production staff's (probably cocaine-fueled) Hollywood dream of massive starships housing a million shuttles sitting on the head of a pin.
Okay, cos all prior Enterprise designers were monks and Gene Roddenberry was a teetotaller.

Please could YOU wank out a good reason why 300 meters is THE starship size? Why have a 2-deck saucer rim and not 1? Or 4? Why go for the ridiculous Enterprise saucer/hull/nacelles shape at all?? Less ranting, more explaining, please.
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