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Re: Missing McCoy (major spoiler)

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Did anyone else think that Bones -and not Uhura - should have been present in the engine room during Kirk and Spock's final conversation?
why you don't say "instead of Scotty"? and why it has to be instead of someone?
Honestly I think that he'd make more sense there than Spock if only because:
1) it makes more sense for Scotty to call a doctor or call both, at least
2) Kirk and Bones are really best friends at the moment

I think they left Bones out of the scene on purpose but that's the malicious in me that is thinking that

still the scene at the hospital is cute and God bless McCoy for reminding Kirk that Spock didn't have all the credit for saving his life as both him and Uhura had played an important role too! (actually if it wasn't for them Kirk would be dead because Spock wanted to kill ~John Harrison~ )
Spock: I apologize, Captain, but the complexities of human pranks escape me.
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