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Re: death penalty in star trek

From "Turnabout Intruder"

KIRK: Enough to convict you of conspiracy with mutineers. And you're so charged. The sentence, death. Mister Lemli.
CHEKOV: Starfleet expressly forbids the death penalty.
KIRK: All my senior officers turning against me?
SULU: The death penalty is forbidden. There's only one exception.
CHEKOV: General Order Four. It has not been violated by any officer on the Enterprise.
KIRK: I am responsible. The execution will be immediate. Go to your posts. Go to your posts.

This is an interesting riddle:

Has General Order 7 been abolished? Since Spock did violate General Order 7 in "The Menagerie" it appears Chekov did not confuse the two.

I may have made in error in judgement when I signed General Order 7 thirteen years prior to events of Stardate 3012.4 and following these events General Order 7 was abolished, if I recall correctly.

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