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If you are a fan of Star Trek, then automatically you are a fanboy and a fangirl. This name calling doesn't help anyone.

Considering that the majority of people who have seen the film are Star Trek fans, I think it's important to consider that, if the franchise is to grow, that it will need them. I agree that some fans are overly critical of the film. However, some fans have raised legitimate concerns. I would think it would be wise for those who make the next film to consider some of these concerns, not all, and address them for the next film.

Legitimate concerns - This film is repeating what has happen before in the last film, and is having a villain that seeks revenge for a wrong committed against him. We had Shinzon, Nero, and Khan. We have seen the same story arc for Kirk twice. Do something new.

Illegitimate concerns - The escape pods from the last movie are forgotten. Now the crew has to escape by means of evac shuttles.

I have seen gushing reviews for products that are seriously flawed in video games. Skyrim was a beta test product that was released to the general public and required many patches for it to work decently, yet it won Game of the Year accolades. Mass Effect 3 was a game that alienated some of the fan base with its contrived and non-nonsensical ending, yet it was rated very highly. My point is, reviews by professional reviewers should be viewed skeptically. My point is, if someone is gushing about a film, taking that opinion of it to an extreme - this is the greatest thing since sliced bread territory, that person should be viewed skeptically. Everything is flawed, even the great works of Homer and Shakespeare are flawed.

I think if we examine the flaws, raise legitimate concerns, and, the people who are in charge, actually pay attention to those concerns and address them, that the process works. I think sometimes that the people in charge sometimes dismiss those who support their product and I think this goes to their detriment.

I would like to see in the next film a new story arc for Kirk. I would like to see in the next film a villain with a different motivation.
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