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STAR TREK - Virtual Series

Hi all,

Starting up a STAR TREK online virtual series project based around the JJ Abrams reboot after seeing ''Into Darkness'' twice, loved it FYI!

I am looking for a small team of experienced virtual series writers who'd like to take part, below are a list of S1 episode titles and ones that I will be writing personally:

01: ‘’Pilot’’ - Written By: Simon Aitken
Set a year after the events of 'Into Darkness' and follows the adventures of James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise as they undertake the biggest expedition mission in Starfleet history. War with the Klingon Empire is inevitable after the warrior race capture an undercover officer, Kirk is instructed to infiltrate Klingon space and recover the officer before he talks.

02: ‘’Chase’’

03: ‘’Lost’’

04: ‘’Impact’’

05: ‘’Continuum’’ - Written By: Simon Aitken

06: ‘’Adrift’’

07: ‘’Lifeline’’

08: ‘’Ghosts’’

09: ‘’Syndicate’’

10: ‘’Alliances’’

11: ‘’Foe’’

12: ‘’Unending’’

13: ‘’Liberation’’

14: ‘’Consequences’’

16: ‘’Acquisition’’

17: ‘’Unseen’’

18: ‘’Siren’’

19: ‘’Vengeance’’ - Written By: Simon Aitken

20: ‘’Diplomats’’

21: ‘’Oath’’

22: ‘’Keepers, Part 1’’ - Written By: Simon Aitken

23: ‘’Keepers, Part 2’’ - Written By: Simon Aitken
Looking to setup a small-ish writing team via MSN or whatever messenger system you use, PM me for further details.
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