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Re: Treknology Upside-Down

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On a planet the size of the moon, with a camera mounted only five feet off the ground, the horizon is less than a kilometer away. As Gene Cernan said once, you walk towards the horizon and you see these little rocks over there like the tops of boulders; you walk a few minutes more and you see these are actually the tops of hills; you walk a few minutes more and find out those are actually the tops of mountains.
While I have no doubt that Apollo 17 (Gene Cernan) went to the moon and that the horizon (because of the smaller diameter of the moon) is less than a kilometer away, the shadow of the lander in the picture you provided is apparently not a kilometer long, hence my astonishment.

Back to the topic:

Though not explicitly shown in TOS any unfriendly fire from a planet below would put the bridge at danger if it were located at the saucer's underside, in "The Naked Time" the Bridge crew would have been among the first being being fried when the ship orbit's declined.
Despite Gene Roddenberry's insistance on the matter (Andy Probert had intended to put the Bridge into the center of the Enterprise-D) I can't really find too much fault with it.

And as far as antimatter use for impulse engines is concerned, the movie Enterprise used antimatter for its impulse engines ("Intermix ready, impulse engines at your discretion"), so by the time of TMP they realized it wouldn't be the stupidiest of concepts.

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