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Hi - my husband and I just saw STID and I have an initial question - why did Kirk and Spock seem to not really know who Kahn was? I thought the Eugenics Wars still happened in this timeline (in some form or another). Wouldn't there be some information in the Enterprise computers if they input the name Kahn? Or did they just need a reason to bring in Nimoy for a cameo?

God knows what results they would get when they input Kahn. Or Khan for that matter.

I find it absolutely plausible that Kirk and co. wouldn't know who Khan was.
I'd disagree only in the sense that if the Eugenics Wars still happened, then not knowing about Khan, especially for a member of Starfleet, would be like me not knowing who Stalin or Hitler were. Possible, but kind of odd. My husband also thought of Marcus wiping the record, but Khan was so (in)famous - nobody would know about him?
But even if the Wars did happen, Khan and his cryogenic "army" wasn't an open secret or anything. The only reason the Prime Universe/Timeline got to know about Khan was because the Enterprise encountered them.
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