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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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I, too, have been waiting for Don and Betty to have a one night stand again. I love that she one night standed him and didn't act as if they would get together again. The volume was a little iffy since I have to watch by "other means." Did Betty say "Once I got you, I'd never hold on to you"? Basically, that she knew Don would soon grow disinterested again if they started seeing one another? If that's so, she's got him pegged.

Don is just flat out not in love with Megan. He fell in love with an image. I feel bad for her. She loves him, but Don's uninterested. If Don got back together with Betty, he'd soon lose interest again. Betty's right as rain. I don't think she's tired of Henry; I think she wants to keep what she has. She loves Henry in her own way. She likes that he's interested in her exclusively as far as women go. That blue eye shadow was hideous, but it was in fashion. I remember blue eye shadow.

What is UP with mr. suck up, Bob whats his name? He must have an angle somewhere. Just because he likes Joan doesn't mean there's no angle.
I've bounced between three different explanations for Bob. He is either a total red herring ment to distract, an undercover writer looking to do an inside exposť on the "mad men", or he is Don's illegitimate son from that time with the young prostitute.

I have to say, I like the illegitimate son angle.
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