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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

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I agree that it is uneven. I've watched all of the episodes now. The Lindsay and Tobias episodes were actually my least favorite, with the Gob episodes being the best. Have any of you guys seen the ending yet? If not, I'll use spoiler code.

Yep, just finished the season myself! You forgot:

My favorites were the Tobias and GOB episodes, but Buster's was a pleasant surprise. The format does leave it a little uneven, though, especially with the fact that due to 15 episodes, not every character got two. The way things were going, I wasn't sure how they'd resolve it, maybe doing an episode that wasn't focused on an individual, but you gotta give Hurwitz credit for sticking with the format.

Also, I googled it (or blurred searched!), and Isla Fisher is 37! Wow, she looks fantastic.
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