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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

I saw the stabbing comming the moment she picked up her home made spear.

I was waiting for the hookup of Don and Betty ever since they divorced.

Is Bert Cooper dead? When they ran off the list of agency names, someone said "two of them are dead"...

I have to say, I hated the Betty charecter from day one, and have even skipped over her parts in rewatching the spearly seasons, but I actually didn't mind her in tonight's episode. J. Jones played her different or something. More mature? She defiantly wasn't grating and annoying like usual. I actually started to notice a shift in her charecter away from annoying, at least for me, this season. I think she may be growing tired of her new husband as his political ambitions take over. I also suspect that he has a "perv" side which has been hinted at but not fully shown that Betty may be growing tired of (his nonchalant reaction to her "out of place" rape joke early in the season and his seeming to get turned on by the other guy propositioning Betty after ogling her all night at that event).
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