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Re: Is it possible to make Trek Toys Kids would want?

The problem Playmates had with the 2009 toy line -- aside from the fact that they botched the sizes by splitting the base down the middle between large and small figures -- was that they seemed to be assuming that it would be a financial success and lead to a ressurgence of their mid-90s contract. What I mean is, they seemed to be assuming that they would be able to follow it up with more waves. Hence the cynical marketing ploy of not featuring Bones and Chekov in standard uniforms in the smaller figures. I contend they probably thought they'd be able to double dip with 'standard' versions in a second or third wave of releases. Yeah, that went real well for them didn't it?

I think a future lesson should be, get the basics right first. Don't go second guessing the market. Release a series of 'standard' figures first, and then, and only if the sales warrant it, follow-up with alternative figures.
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