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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

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Well you had a few seconds before the core breached, you could have remote piloted the star drive section into warp even a second or two at warp 1 would have got the stardrive section clear. Or you could have engageed full reverse impulse on the stardrive to get greater seperation.

But it should have been a curb stomb battle in favour of the Ent-D, a few full volleys of Photon torpedeos and firing all it's phasers should have easily beaten a BoP.

Actually, I seem to remember the Enterprise D blowing up the BOP, easily, once it could return fire.

It was Geordi who had been captured and telegraphed the shield modulation info through his VISOR. Why they let Geordi back into engineering without thoroughly checking his visor for being hacked, or even just destroying it in the first place and giving him either a new one, or artificial eyes is the real issue. Not Troi's piloting ability.
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