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Re: Kirk and (spoiler) . . . peas in a pod?

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I was chatting about the movie with a friend the other day when it occurred to me that Admiral Marcus seems to have revived Khan for pretty much the same reason that Pike recruited Kirk in the prior movie.

Admiral Marcus seems to think that Starfleet has gotten too soft and civilized to protect the Federation from the Klingons and other threats,while Pike saw in Kirk a certain audacity and devil-may-care spirit that he thought 23rd century Starfleet was sorely lacking.

In retrospect, I kinda wish the movie had done more with the idea that both Khan and Kirk are throwbacks of a sort, and that possibly the oh-so-"utopian" world of the Federation may need a Kirk to shake things up . . . but not a Khan?

So how come Pike made right call, but Marcus went too far?

I can agree with this direction/sentiment... the Federation can't afford to be soft and humane when the Klingons are ready to expand and exert their superiority. I'm still not sure how they became allies of the feds in TNG (oh, right, a tea-sipping contest of honor?) but this isn't the case in TOS. The Feds have to earn the respect of the Klingons and it's not going to happen with a feeble Federation.

On the other hand Marcus was willing to get the big stick ready and strike first before the Klinks decided to. Not sure how well most people justify striking first, even if the Klinks take shooting as the first option for negotiations.

(No don't talk to me about honor, it's not practical and these new Klinks don't seem as honor-obsessed as the space biker samurai of yesteryear).
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