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Re: Do you think they could use the Borg in the next movie?

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Could it be done? Sure! But I don't see it happening. They are clearly building on a good thing here with Khan and the Klingon war.
Been a year between the Kronos incident and the end of the movie. If the Klingons were going to go to war, they would've already went.
Not necessarily.

Outright war might not have been declared but there's nothing to say the Klinks aren't still encroaching on Federation Territory and raiding Fed outposts and shipping. It hasn't been declared but that doesn't mean war isn't still brewing. All that needs to happen is the Klinks clearly stating a disputed area of space/planets belongs to them, and for the Feds to disagree.

Marcus, a Starfleet Admiral, seemed to think it was inevitable. I don't see recall anything in Into Darkness that would have dissuaded that presumption.
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