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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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I agree about the HD, if it's going to install to the HD. I would have thought a 2TB HD would be needed. As you say with DLC, save files, if they want it to be a media centre/function perhaps as some sort of DVR that sapce will soon disappear,
Nah. I bet this is laying the groundwork for some bullshit pay-for-play cloud service. Not enough room? Buy cloud space for an additional $30 per month so you can play ALL the games you want. Mark my words - it's coming.
If Microsoft handles their cloud anything like Playstation handles theirs, it won't be all that. The only thing that's stored in the cloud is a list of software you have the right to download. A transactions list. I have about 30 games on my PS3 HDD right now. I have rights to about 100 more that I can download at any time. Same thing with iTunes.
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