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It's due to the slight difference in frame rate but it's virtually unnoticeable. It's nothing compared to the 4.2% speed up on PAL DVDs which results in a 2 hour movie running 5 minutes shorter.
Didn't know why that was, so thanks for that info. I agree, 8 seconds over a 2 hour movie would clearly be unnoticeable. LOL.
Don't understand why it's retarded though. ??

I think Blu-rays are smarter actually.
NTSC used to run at 30 fps (60Hz) but when colour was introduced it was slowed down by 0.01% to 29.97 fps (59.94 Hz). This results in 24 fps movies being slowed down to 23.976 fps.

Okay and does that mean that Blu-ray does or does not have that slow down?
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