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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

I love Uhura and Spock together!! I've been a bit despondent since I watched STID.

This is a S/U thread so hopefully I won't have calls for me to get a life..LOL but it's true I've been a bit down. I have myself to blame really...I went to Star Trek 2009 completely unspoiled. I was off for my birthday and after shopping didn't really want to go home so I wandered to the theatres and got a ticket to see ST. I was blown away by the opening, but I didn't sit up straight in my seat until Uhura went in the lift with Spock and I thought hey now...what's going on here...:-)

I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with Uhura and Spock and every instance they were within breathing space of one another I perked up that much more. By the time I saw that movie there were about 14 people in the theatre with me and I kicked myself so much for not going to see it sooner. I have been a Star Trek fan since the original series with The Enterprise as my all-time favorite series. Spock and Uhura was so new and fresh here was really and truly a bold new world to explore on screens.

The movie overall was fantastic aside from S/U but it was those two gorgeous actors and characters that had me returning to see the movie 4 more times before I was too embarrassed to go back and ask for a ticket for one please? :-)

Now, STID finally opens and I was at the theatre the second day. Thinking the theatre would be crowded I went to the early morning showing 9:30am...Before I would give up my money I asked the ticket seller how many people were in the theatre and he said 20 there were still 320 seats remaining (first of all I didn't know the theatre held those many seats and secondly I laughed because I wondered how many other shy people had asked him this same question before me---so afraid we would have to sit immediately next to a stranger without a seat between us. :-)

Any hoo, as I said I went to ST2009 unspoiled but for this one as soon as the overseas tumblrs began posting about the movie I was eating it up. I didn't worry about not reading too many posts about Spock/Uhura because I had all the beautiful pictures/videos of Zach and Zoe in the interviews/press conferences and photo calls to salivate over.

Well, I think anyone reading this post will know that I came out of this movie sad.

I thought to myself, what happened to my babies??? Am I now to believe all their intimacy and intimate moments happens behind closed doors??? I didn't go looking for porn or for either Spock or Uhura to be unprofessional as I love and respect them because they are so very professional.

I just seriously feel as if TPTB set the relationship back on screen (I do feel they are still a strong and loving couple but off camera---which as a nosey S/U shipper- I don't like.) I have only seen STID once and when I thought to go again on Saturday I went to visit my sister instead.

In 2009 they were touching/lip to lip kissing..this movie Uhura kisses Spock's "cheek" after she has sealed his helmet-what the heck???!!!! Spock runs to her on the bridge when they are in total danger and yet they don't hold hands...they had dealt with the miss-understanding at this point so I thought he would reach for her hands but they both just stood there. And regarding the hurt feelings, I totally get that and took Uhura (and Kirk's) side...LOL...and I loved all three of them in the shuttle with Spock explaining himself...but I selfishly wanted more . When U stands on her tippy toes...HOW CUTE IS THAT??? but Spock still pauses before he finally leans in to kiss. I wanted the same emotions he showed when they were the lift back in ST2009 as they were finally alone this time as well. I wanted him to hug her to hold her hands or to rest his forehead with hers....but Uhura walked away so quickly as if to say we will do all that later in the cabin............away from the audience so no one doesn't think I'm being unprofessional...well guess what babes I can't believe it but to read some of the reviews you would have thought they ripped each other's clothes off and had sex right then and there...many are feeling U (for some reason only Uhura is being singled out) was being unprofessional. For me, Uhura speaking up when they were in the shuttle was the PERFECT time for her to say something. They were heading to the Klingons...speak now or forever hold your peace I thought and I think Uhura felt the same way. Kirk was so glad she spoke up because he took his moment to agree he was feeling the same as well after he tried to pitifully stay out of it.

When I went to STID I had my mind set on two things--- hearing Benedict Cumberbatch's lucious voice (as I am a huge Sherlock fan) and seeing that beautiful chemistry between Zach and Zoe as my beloved Spock and Uhura. I'm not ashamed to say I was expecting some hugs, some kisses, some forehead touches, and some soulful eye contact....but instead to my horror TPTB didn't get my memo!

Now, after all that complaining and moaning please believe me when I say EVERY MOMENT they shared I loved! My favorite line was when Spock was backing Jim off from trying to help Uhura as she went to parley with the Klingons. I was like he knows his baby so well :-) If he had given in, he knew Uhura would have really ripped his bangs off herself and not just spoken about it like Kirk.

I was so happy for Zoe to get her wish to have a more active and involved Uhura as far as the action goes but instead of Kirk getting up hungover with two aliens with tails I would have loved a scene of domestic Spock and Uhura having a conversation as he was getting dressed for his meeting with Kirk and Pike, about Spock's actions in the volcano -the genesis of their miss-understanding and having a little argument where you could see Uhura decide she has to give him the cold shoulder. I just wanted MOAR!!!!

FanFic is great and has helped but nothing can beat actually seeing them on the big screen. I love them as a couple and respect if they want to handle all their kissy kissy hug hug behind closed doors but their the reason....I'm not ashamed....the MAJOR reason I went to STID and I feel the nay-sayers voices were louder than us lovers of S/U voices and I ended up with a hella cute scene of Uhura helping Spock to get kitted in his volcano suit but ended up with her not thinking to kiss--until after she had his helmet sealed. Argh!!!! :-)

Wow...I had feelings. :-D
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