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Re: death penalty

IF the death penalty wasn't unequally applied against minorities, the less educated, and the poor...

IF the death penalty wasn't more expensive than life imprisonment...

IF the death penalty was part of consistent nationwide sentencing guidelines and didn't vary by state to state...

IF the death penalty actually served as an effective deterrent against crime...

IF the death penalty was only applied to those who were guaranteed beyond a shadow of a doubt to be guilty...

Then I still would be opposed to capital punishment because it's hypocritical, illogical, and morally wrong to punish murder with state sanctioned murder.

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Not sure if that is a valid argument against death penalty.

It can be re-worded.

Advocating imprisonment implies being fine with some innocent people being imprisoned.
Does that mean prisons are wrong because there MIGHT be a chance an innocent person gets into jail for - maybe - 30 years until it becomes clear was was innocent? An innocent person might get sent to jail and DIE before a new technique (like DNA tests) proves his innocence.
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There are cases of people getting released after DECADES. Your life is pretty much ruined then. Some even died in prison even though they were innocent. Death candidates wait several decades as well for their execution.
Please tell me that you were just being your usual pointlessly contrarian self and that you didn't seriously consider this to be an effective argument.
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