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Oh please, even TOS was far from artistic. It was a western set in space.
Since when is the "western" genre not a category of art?

Were there a lot of Russians and Asians and Blacks as featured ensemble characters in Bonanza?
Hop Sing was a semi-regular. It was also known to tackle social issues.

Did Gunsmoke feature an interracial kiss?
Might have. Quint Asper, played by Burt Reynolds was a Native American.

Did the Rifleman offer consistent subversive allegories about U.S. race relations and foreign policy?
I've no idea on that one.

Daniel Boone feature Native Americans (Mingo) and African Americans (Gabe) in its cast.

The High Chaparral featured several Hispanic characters. The Cannon and Montoya families were central to the show.

TOS wasn't always so "enlightened". They characterized hippies as too dumb to live. Or where Kirk actually thinks he's a Native American (that was just awful). Or the episode where Kirk and a woman exchange bodies doesn't exactly shine the best light on women in command.
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